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Beboppin' Babies | Melodious Movers | Toe Tappin' Toddlers | Polyphoic Preschool

$5 for the Babies Class - Beboppin' Babies and Melodious Movers

Below Pricing is for the Toe Tappin' Toddler and Polyphonic Preschool Classes~

$11 Auto Pay (4, 5 or 6 Classes per month) includes Melodious Movers, Toe Tappin' Toddler and Polyphonic Preschool Classes

$13 - $17 Packages 

$20 for 1 Class

Referrals earn one free class!

Beboppin' Babies

Ages: Newborn to Sitting | View the Class Schedule

Want to show off your beautiful new baby…

Wanting an inexpensive way to meet other new parents…

Searching for something fun to do that will benefit both you and baby…

Or just feeling stir crazy?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above Altitunes’ Beboppin’ Babies music class is the answer! And it is a steal at only $5.


Beboppin’ Babies is designed around the specific needs of both new parents and their babies; focusing on parent/caregiver interaction with their baby, using eye contact, facial expressions and gentle touch through our baby music classes.


Unlike most other music programs, which are all ages, Beboppin’ Babies is only for newborns. Once your baby can sit they graduate to Melodious Movers.


It is never too early to expose your baby to music. They will benefit from the experience even if they sleep through the whole class, since music engages their auditory system and brain whether awake or asleep.


Our baby music classes will give you new ideas for playing with your baby at home and will explain how music and movement can improve their overall development.


Rock, bounce, life, tickle, and cuddle with your new baby while singing familiar nursery rhymes and lullabies, and learn some new songs as well.


Throughout the baby music classes your baby’s comfort is most important, so don’t hesitate to do anything you need to, to make sure they are most comfortable. Such as, change their diaper if they need it or grab their pacifier or bottle from the diaper bag that is across the room, etc., and moms are welcome to nurse anytime throughout or after the class.

Beboppin’ Babies is Beneficial to Parents too!

Beboppin’ Babies is not only beneficial to baby, but it is also beneficial to parents. This class provides a welcoming, open and nurturing environment in which new parents can meet and find support form other parents, and has proven extremely effective in preventing or decreasing those dreaded “baby blues.”


Throughout the baby music classes you will hear new parents/caregivers showing off their babies’ most recent developments – smiling, laughing, reaching, rolling over, to name a few, as well as discussing their latest struggles, everything from lack of sleep, to difficulty feeding to dislike of the car sear, and everything in between.

Beboppin’ Babies RSVP/Cancellation Policy

We understand you and your baby are still learning about one another and that they most likely don’t have a regular sleeping, napping and eating routine. Due to the lack of schedule being the norm for most infants, the Beboppin’ Babies class is the only class that DOES NOT require and RSVP in order to take advantage of special pricing.


We want to encourage you to RSVP, that way not only do we have a better head count on who will be there, but mostly so if the class in cancelled due to weather or teacher illness that we can call you and let you know.

We don’t want you to spend all of the time getting ready and our of the house, driving in possibly cold or snowy weather and potentially making baby very unhappy because they don’t yet like their car seat, only to learn that class was cancelled.


If you RSVP, and are unable to attend YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for not showing. A text or email as soon as you know you won’t be attending is always very, very, very much appreciated but not necessary. This policy only applies to the baby music classes.


When you RSVP online, it will prompt you to pay, but don’t pre-pay if you want to take advantage of the $5 cash only special. Just choose to “register as unpaid.”

All music classes are led by a teacher who is Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). The baby music classes are developmentally designed and age specific, with your baby’s needs at their core.


Melodious Movers

Ages: Crawling to First Steps | View the Class Schedule

Melodious Movers is designed to promote positive social interactions between babies and to continue building the relationship between baby and parent/caregiver through a mix of sitting songs, movement songs and lullabies. There is an increased emphasis on developing your little one’s ability to sit, roll, scoot, inch worm, crawl and walk with musically facilitated movement opportunities. Each class provides a rich sensory environment filled with music, instruments, bubbles, and a parachute. Familiar nursery rhymes and lullabies provide the musical structure for movements such as bouncing, rocking, rolling, cuddling and tickling. Your little mover will also have the opportunity to play simple percussion instruments, which facilitates the use of their gross and find motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Meet other parents’, caregivers of babies, and learn songs and musical activities you can recreate and build upon at home.


All music baby music classes are led by a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). Melodious Movers uses music to facilitate developmentally appropriate goals, such as, crawling, waving, blowing kisses, clapping and ultimately walking.

Baby music classes are developmentally designed, with your baby’s needs at their core and always offered on a drop-in, or pay as your go basis. Doing away with the standard “session registration” allows you the freedom to join in as often as you’d like, on the days that work best for you and your baby, saving you the unnecessary cost and stress of missing class when life doesn’t permit.


Classes are $5


Toe Tappin' Toddlers

Ages: Walking to 30 Months | View the Class Schedule

Toe Tappin’ Toddlers builds your toddler’s confidence and autonomy through repetition of familiar songs and musical activities and encourage the exploration of movement and voice. Increase their body awareness, hand-eye coordination, and both fine and gross motor skills through repetition or instrument playing, finger play, simple action songs, creative movement, dancing, bubbles and parachute games. Vocal play, which includes forming of vowels and consonants, saying words and phrases, and rhythmic and vocal inflection imitation, fosters early language ability and acquisition. Laughing, hugging, smiling, marching, swaying, walking, bouncing, spinning, giggling and singing are just some of the many wonderful experiences you and your toddler will share in Toe Tappin’ Toddlers.

Classes are $20 to drop-in, $13 to $17 for pre-paid packages or as low as $11 if you sign up for an auto pay.


Polyphonic Preschool

Ages: 2 1/2 Years to 5 Years | View the Class Schedule

This class provides musical activities that help further your child’s confidence and social skills, listening and direction following and gross and fine motor skills. Understanding your child’s desire for individual expression, Polyphonic Preschoolers provides each child musical opportunities to take turns between leading and imitating. They will learn not only to play along with the music, but also to develop their own rhythms. Each week will include repetition of familiar songs in a predictable class structure along with the integration of new songs based on the theme. Movement songs, circle games, group dances and expressive movements enhance both fine and gross motor skill as well as coordination. Finger plays and rhymes, instrument playing, parachute games, rhythm activities and vocal exercises facilitate leaning and development of basic academic concepts, social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Learn songs, dances and finger play that you and your child can do together at home, in the car or even when waiting in line!

Classes are $20 to drop-in, $13 to $17 for pre-paid packages or as low as $11 if you sign up for an auto pay.


Music Makers

Ages 3-5

Join us for a fun filled group music class for kids age 3-5! This class is for kids who have started to outgrow our preschool class but want to continue to learn and grow. It's great preparation for kids wanting to learn an instrument in the near future, and a great addition for 5 year olds enrolled in piano lessons! 


What to Expect

In this class we will explore instruments, sing, move to music, use our imaginations, exercise our creativity, and begin to develop the foundational skills needed for private music lessons. Come explore music with us!

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Group Voice Class

Ages 6-18

Group voice is a great way for students to explore their voices and get comfortable singing with and for others. This class will provide a supportive environment to improve your voice, meet other student musicians, and enjoy singing together. 


If there are no current sessions of group voice, please let us know you're interested. If we have 3 or more students we can set up a session for you! email: