About Us

At Altitunes we are continuously striving to bring commumity together through music.

A family owned, welcoming environment with an emphasis on interactions and enjoyment.

Altitunes is a family business striving to bring people together through music. We have professional leadership with a family feel.  I am so excited to share my deep rooted love of music with the existing Altitunes community and the growing Altitunes families for many years to come.

Our Altitunes inspiration.... My parents, Chuck and Penny Hall

 Let's start with Chuck: starting with piano at age 6, Chuck could really rock out those scales but couldn't play a song to save his life.  His younger sister, Mary, quickly surpassed his skills so he moved on to the Ukulele. This lead him through high school and college socially and musically.  He co-founded the band "The Fraternal Three" and played many gigs during his college career.  Throughout his life, Chuck enjoyed sharing his quirky musical interests with his family and kids, such as Leon Redbone and Lyle Lovett.  Later in his adult life you could often find him relaxing on the couch while he listened to his wife, Penny, play favorites on the piano.

Leading us to Penny Lester Hall.  Also beginning the piano around age 6, her mother quickly noticed her unique talent.  Penny mastered the piano quickly and moved on to the organ.  By the beginning of high school, Penny began her professional Organ career which became a 40 year journey.  She co-founded and led the group "Die Madchen" and enjoyed playing gigs and making music with this group of friends.  Penny was an accomplished pianist, organist and vocalist and music carried her through her life.  

Chuck was smitten with that girl on the organ bench, inspiring him to join the church choir, much to the shock of his entire family.  They were together for the next 56 years.  Chuck and Penny shared their love and talents of music with their kids Charlie and Susie.  Even though they are not here to share this experience with us, through their unwavering support, guidance and most importantly love of music, they have led Susie to this amazing new experience and the ability to share this gift of music with all of you.


"Thank you for the music, for giving it to me." ABBA