In Tune With You

How is Music Therapy Utilized In Hospitals?

  • Music is used in general hospitals to:
    • alleviate and/or manage pain nonpharmcologically, as well as in conjunction with anesthesia or pain medication.
    • elevate patient's mood and counteract depression.
    • promote movement in physical rehabilitation.
    • reduce anxiety and stress.
    • calm or sedate, often to induce sleep.
    • increase patient's perceived effectiveness of treatment.
    • decrease length of stay.
    • counteract apprehension or fear which lessens muscle tension for the purpose of relaxation.
  • Music therapy complies with the expectations and requirements inherent in the medical model of treatment.
  • Music therapy patient goals are non-musical, specific, and relevant to medical diagnosis, course of treatment and discharge timeline.
  • Research results and clinical experiences attest to the viability of music therapy especially in those patients resistant to other treatment approaches.

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In Tune With You