In Tune With You

How is Music Therapy Utilized In Nursing Homes?

  • Music therapy interventions can be used with elderly persons to:
    • increase or maintain their level of physical, social and emotional functioning.
    • improve or maintain cognitive abilities, such as attention, concentration and memory.
    • promote physical exercise.
    • decrease stress and anxiety.
    • increase relaxation.
    • reduce depression.
    • improve quality of life.
  • Patients with Alzheimer's have demonstrated the ability to access their past via music experiences, triggering short and long term memory.
  • During end of life care music experiences can be designed to help the individual and/or loved ones through the process.
  • Stroke patients have shown increased success with rehabilitation in speech, motor and cognitive processes with the addition of music therapy.
  • Music therapists work as part of the multidisciplinary team throughout the course of treatment, including assessment, goal setting and evaluations.

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In Tune With You