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"Highly recommend Altitunes! Maureen is so great with the kids AND the adults. :) Her classes are fun for the whole family and she genuinely cares about music and learning. "     Tiffany Putimahtama

"My daughter LOVES Altitunes! She asks for Miss Maureen regularly, and adores classes. They have significantly contributed to her language skills, and she sings her "class" songs all the time. Maureen is great with the kids and her love of music shows in every class. I'd recommend Altitunes to any parent!"     Stacey Winston Davis

"Maureen is great with the kids (she always remembers their names!), keeps things fresh with a some new songs and instruments but doesn't give up the few songs kids really love like bubbles and the parachute. My daughter (23mos) loves being able to play the instruments during the Hello and Goodbye songs. As she is getting older and more comfortable she participates more and has a blast. Neat how numbers and letters are incorporated with music and moving around. Great fun!"     Angela Kay Stone

"Altitunes has been so much fun and a really educational program for Cody. The combination of movement, music and interaction has really contributed to his overall development espescially since we struggled with speach for so long. Thanks for all you do and I definitely recommend these classes for parents and babies/toddlers/preschoolers!"     Mindy Klowden

"What a great program for any young toddler! Learn from the best @altitunes."     Brian Fate

"Fun & engaging, infant through preschool... all the while incorporating academic basics and lots of playing."     Jennifer Rasmussen

"We've been coming to Altitunes since Ksana was 10 months old, and she's almost two now. Classes are amazing and have really engendered a love of music. So much singing has really boosted Ksana's vocabulary--she can sing entire songs now, even if she has no idea what the words mean. :) Plus, the classes are so affordable and flexible -- as a working mom, I need all the flexibility I can get!"     Christa Lee Rock

"Allison started Altitunes as a newborn, she is now a toddler and has always loved coming. Maureen is amazing with children. Big sister Finley loves coming too, now both girls love the CD!"     Stacey Hytrek

"This place is awesome. Seriously. Adela has officially moved up to the "toe tappin toddlers" class!"     Ryan Johns

"We enjoyed our first class today! The looks of awe on Soph's face was very much worth it. We'll definitely be back!"     Amanda LaFleur

"Maureen was fantastic! My toddler loved her class -- we both had so much fun!"     Clare Freckmann Johnson

"Altitunes is a great way to introduce my baby to the joys of music while meeting other moms and babies."     Hollie Howard Deline

"Maureen is amazing! Great stimulation for the kids!"     Loren Jodi Faye


Class Reviews


"I just showed Jack the video from when he was on the news at his first Altitunes class! He loves it and keeps asking to see Jack on TV with Miss Maureen. I've loved watching Jack progress in every aspect in conjunction with your class! You're the best!"     Erin Cushenbery Shumaker

"Hi Maureen- I wanted to share that my girls start music class next week and when I told Harper about it, she asked, "With Miss Maureen?" and I had to tell her no. Six months and three giant states away later and she still remembers your music classes!"     Jennifer Messier Pillari

"Very cool drum! The balls on it was a pretty awesome idea - you always come up with the greatest games. We had a wonderful time today!!!"     Theresa Robinson Peoples

"One of my favorite memories is Fin's first class. It wasn't a single moment - but more just how much he enjoyed it. I have to admit I was feeling a little apprehensive about attending. I didn't know long he would pay attention and I wasn't sure if it would be much different that things we already do at home. Boy was I wrong. He was enraptured from the first minute. Getting to play the guitar - he was thrilled. I could see him so focused on learning the songs and wanting to participate. That night we right away had to recreate the whole thing for Daddy. No turning back since then :)"     Theresa Robinson Peoples

"Mine is when he is memorized by the bubbles!!"     Angela Hill Abeyta

"My favorite memory is a toss up between seeing the boys' faces light up when Hop Little Bunnies is played or when they both learned to sign both "more" and "please" together!"     Sara Johnston

"I'm not sure if it's 1) how's she is so excited that she doesn't know I she should dance or clap or crawl to you, or 2) how all the kids will follow you wherever you go when you are playing the guitar, like the pied piper! :)"     Mary Kay Hurt

"My favorite memory is from the last Wednesday Beboppin' Babies class we attended when Nate started interacting more and decided to "sing" along with us. :)"     Hollie Howard Deline  

"Our first siblings class was Sophie's class of any kind and she just loved being under the parashut, feeling it go up and down. I can see her face right now! I'm glad I was able to capture that moment with my camara. Hope to see you soon! The girls love your class!"     Johana Butcher

"Mine was our "private" class where H got to experience all different instruments. Hers is clearly Hop Little Bunnies, and she loves having the CD to share the song with her friends at home!"     Erica Lundgren

"One of my favorites of Drake is at one of his first classes at the Village. He had been pretty shy and quiet all class and then the parachute and balls came out and he just started shaking the parachute as hard as he could and the look of glee in his face in the mirror was just priceless! I haven't gotten to experience Paige at music class yet, but I hear she makes some pretty good monster noises."     Elizabeth Janney Zadler

"The first time Alex was under the parachute she had such a look of "awe" on her face. It was a magical moment."     Lynn Timble

"The first time the bubble machine came out, Ben's eyes got so big as a huge smile came across his face and he went to town popping those bubbles in the air. It was the first time he dared leave my lap!"     Melissa O'Connor Meuzelaar

"Today I realized that Will is one of the biggest in our class. It seems like just yesterday that he was one of the smallest and was signing "thank you" to you at the end of every class because he couldn't say it yet! He looks forward to seeing you every week. Thank you so much for being such a fun, positive part of our lives! :)"     Kate Giacomini

"Stella's 2nd class where she wasn't shy any more and dancing in the middle of the circle."     Kristina Clark Young 

"Just last week after class when Sienna went to give Addison a kiss and she head butted her. That was funny. I love that Sienna isn't as shy as she was in the beginning."     Brandy Beck

"Priceless to watch Devin interact with you in every music class. I sware he's your biggest fan. Hahaa!!! But the excitement continues when we come home and sing your songs. He absolutely loves class!"     Tracey Gray Foreman  

"My favorite memory of Dylan at class is when he signed "please" over and over to get to play the violin. Then when it was finally time, he sat in another mom's lap after his turn was over to try to get an extra turn. :) He loves the violin so much, grandma got him a baby one for Christmas. And he plays it EVERY day!"     Danielle Miller

"My favorite part of music class are the smiles from Declan when he hears a song or listens to an instrument. He was a fussy newborn, but Miss Maureen has brought out the best in him! He follows her with his eyes and head wherever she goes."     Jill Stacy 

"my favorite memory is when max 'graduated' from the babies class to the movers class! I was so proud! we still have his certificate hanging up."     Lauren Cohen Gutenplan 

"So many fun memories.. Connor's really progressed since he started! One day I was making a sound like the roll.. Crash wave song and he started rolling his arms and smiling. So cute :) He did the best he's ever done last week and we're looking forward to making many more.."     Jessica Burrell

"My favorite memory was this past tues...not only did kadyn break out of her shy shell sooner than expected and surrounded by new faces, but she actually shook the parachute!!! She was so happy! And at home her new favorite word is "hop" so we hop like bunnies all day :)"     Nadette Bonnema 

"My favorite memory is when Spencer saw the bubbles for the first time. He was in complete awe and couldn't stop watching them."     Mel Proulx

"My favorite moment is the class AFTER Chloe understood "hop little bunny" and hopped in place and then laid down appropriately and snored."     Nicole Johnson

"Our new favorite song is 'hop little bunny, hop little bunny...." As soon as we sing this song at home Leah and her older sister get so enthusiastic and they jump and sing to the tunes, especially on our outside trampoline. You ROCK Maureen!!"     Nathalie Jautz-Bickel 

"There are so many great moments, but if I have to pick one, it's her first attempts at hopping along to Hop Little Bunnies - cute and hilarious. Thanks for all the great memories."     Erin Wolter 

"My favorite memories are seeing the huge smile on Ava's face when she's dancing and singing along. She has become quite the performer since starting music class. Thanks so much for the awesome memories!"     Heather Shannon Knight 

"We have lots of great memories too! My favorite moments are when it doesn't seem like Margot is totally paying attention because she is busy grabbing another baby or climbing on the drum but suddenly she waves bye bye or claps her hands right on cue with the music. Makes me realize how much she is taking in at once!"     Rebecca Colbert 

"My favorite is watching Ash dance her little heart out the minute Maureen starts playing. . . or maybe the times I catch her singing the Hello song to every doll & toy she has!"     Stacey Winston Davis

"My favorite memory is thinking about the first time Isaac saw the parachute. His eyes were as big plates and looked at me like I can't believe we never did this before Mommy! Thanks for everything you do for the kiddos Maureen!"     Bridget Bova Towt

"I have so many memories, but I absolutely love when Reese will start singing a song she learned in class, but doesn't think I hear her. She loves music and has learned so much, even more sometimes than I realize :)"     Kristy Robinson Dragul

"My favorite memory Is when phoenix finally broke away from lap and started dancing and singing and joining in and learning in class!! So awesome to see him evolve and grow from music!!!Hop little bunny...his most favorite song ever!!"     Jen Zicherman Holdsworth

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"My daughter and I first tried the toddler music class because I got a deal on Living Social. She enjoyed the class and I am glad to get back into going again  after not being able to fit it into our schedule for a few months.

Maureen is great with the kids (she always remembers their names!), keeps things fresh with a some new songs and instruments but doesn't give up the few songs kids really love like bubbles and the parachute. My daughter (23mos) loves being able to play the instruments during the Hello and Goodbye songs. As she is getting older and more comfortable she participates more and has a blast.

I also like being able to pay online and reserve a spot in a class so I don't have to worry about whether or not there will be space, and the classes are a good size for toddlers. Maureen is doing her birthday party in a few weeks and i know my daughter will love it!."     Angela S

"We love Altitunes!  My 5 year old attends the Kinetic Kiddos music class, the Build-Your-Own Instruments class, and the Kids Concert and Dance Party and always has a blast at every one.

Bubbles, parachutes, instruments - how can you go wrong?"     Julie M.

My sister in law invited me and my daughter to Altitunes via a Living Social coupon she got. Upon arrival, we discovered the studio is in Maureen's house which at first threw us off, but once inside we were both very impressed by the professionalism, set up, and talent of the instructor. 

Our girls had a great time in the class and I've already bought a CD and two more classes. I highly recommend Altitunes as an affordable enjoyable experience for you and your little one!"     Amanda L.


CD Reviews


"I love to sing along to this in the car with Mason. But I really love it when he's crying I'll put it on and it never fails Maureen's wonderful voice soothes him and he stops crying. No kidding!"     Alie Mitisek

"It really is funny how this CD instantly stops crying/ tantrums. Isabel will be throwing a fit over something and I can put your CD on and she comes running over yelling "Reen!" (Which is what she calls you) and happily sings and dances along to all the songs :)"     Rachel Okeon

"Josie is listening right now. Tapping her little pre-toddling feet along to the beat."     Marcia Eldridge

"Jack calls it "music class" He'll ask "music class? Music class?" over and over in the car until I put it on. :)"     Monica Johansen Benway

"I want one...just havent been able to get in lately!"     Brian Firestone

"I want one!"     Krystal Palmer

"Both kids are in love with it. I'll take the box set when you have time to record it ;). I was just comparing with Brandy Lee Baltier - how many times a day does it get played at our houses, I'm gonna say it's a least 3 times daily over here. Hop little bunnies has become a lifesaver for me - stopping everyone in their tracks no matter what kind of drama was going on! And Ellie's favorite is Mr. Knickerbopper. She has started pulling me to the computer (we put it on Itunes) and saying BOP BOP BOP!!! ♥"     Theresa Robinson Peoples

"Patrick looked all around the room for you when I first put it on!"     Ann Mullin Doody

"We have been listening to ours all week!! Ben asks for bubbles every time we listen to it!"     Melissa O'Connor Meuzelaar 

"Happy new year, Maureen! I'm very happy to report that Dante is in love with the cd, and he has finally started singing along! First he's learning lyrics, next I'll be teaching him rhythm and pitch, LOL! But he's been singing his little heart out at every opportunity, and hopping like a little bunny! Now I'm not allowed to listen to anything but "Music class, Mama!" when we go anywhere! Ha!"     Brandy Lee Baltier

"We love your cd! Alex calms right down in the car when I put it on. :)"     Lynn Timble


Private Music Lessons


"Our daughter started taking violin lessons with Maureen about a year ago.  She was 3 1/2.  It has been amazing to watch her progress under Maureen's direction.  It is difficult to motivate a young child to practice and love an instrument.  Maureen's "magic touch" has helped Anja learn notes, correct form/posture, songs and an appreciation for music.  I cannot think of a greater adventure to start at a young age.  We thank Maureen for her patience and perserverence.  She has a gift."     Alison Gocke

Birthday Parties


"Thank you for the great 1st birthday party. Sarah & Quinn loved it and our guests thought you were fabulous!!! See you in class soon!!!!"     Catherine Blum Runge

"Hi Maureen. Thank you so much for being a part of Suki's birthday party. The kids had a blast! Everybody was talking how nice you were with the kids. Thanks again!"     Ying Urioste


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