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Private Lessons

Private Lessons 

Learning an instrument is fun and fulfilling at any age, and the benefits are far reaching beyond just acquiring a new skill. The musical learning process physically changes the brain in ways that improve its’ ability to function and increase one’s IQ, and also can positively impact one’s emotional and social well-being. 

We are willing to accept students at a much younger age than most, 

At Altitunes we strive to make lessons something you or your child look forward to each week. The Altitunes curriculum aims to cultivate a students’ basic musicianship by instilling a lifelong love for creating and playing music along with the development of a solid foundation of skills for pursuit of playing in any style of music.

Students enrolled in our private instruction program will not only enjoy their musical journey, but will also develop strong technical and musical foundation. They will learn proper technique and posture, tone and sound production, correct finger and hand technique, the ability to read music and tablature (if applicable), basic music theory and rhythm. 

An evolving individualized lesson plan is designed for each student based on his or her educational needs, personal musical goals, desired intensity and pace of learning. Fundamental skills are learned through various exercises and songs from genres chosen by both instructor and student.

Our creative and passionate teachers are willing and able to adapt their teaching styles and techniques to best fit you or your child’s learning needs. Whether you are just starting out, have been playing for a while and need some direction, or are picking an instrument back up again after some time off, we are here to help take you or your child to the next level.


$32 / half hour

*Discounts available for siblings/families


  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele


"Our daughter started taking violin lessons with Maureen about a year ago.  She was 3 1/2.  It has been amazing to watch her progress under Maureen's direction.  It is difficult to motivate a young child to practice and love an instrument.  Maureen's "magic touch" has helped Anja learn notes, correct form/posture, songs and an appreciation for music.  I cannot think of a greater adventure to start at a young age.  We thank Maureen for her patience and perserverence.  She has a gift."     Alison Gocke   ---   Read More Testimonials!

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