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What is Music Therapy?


al·ti·tune (plural al·ti·tunes) ---  connection between music and a human response

Music therapy is a research driven health discipline.  Board certified music therapists are trained as musicians, therapists and scientists. Applied music therapy techniques produce valid and measurable results in physical, cognitive and social goal areas. Music therapy improves learning, brain function, and quality of life for children and adults who are well and meets the needs of those with disabilities or illness.

All Altitunes services are provided by a music therapist meeting all educational and training standards for clinical practice in music therapy, certification by the Certification Board for Music Therapists, Inc., and professional membership in the American Music Therapy Association.


Why Music? [1]

  • Our brains are hardwired for music.
  • Music’s rhythmic elements help to coordinate and enhance motor movement, mainly due to rhythmic entrainment.
  • Music listening can produce involuntary physiological changes, such as goosebumps.
  • Music evokes memories.
  • Music elicits emotional responses.
  • Music production uses and can improve executive functioning skills such as  attention, planning, organizing and adapting.
  • Music is processed using the same neural circuits as speech, motor movement and hearing.
  • Music can be either an individual or social experience.
  • Music is organized, structured, and predictable.
  • Music has the ability to enhance learning.
  • Music is non-invasive, safe and motivating for all ages.
( Kimberly Sena Moore )

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