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ALTITUNES Music Classes

 Why Altitunes?

  • Classes are developmentally designed to meet each child's needs.
  • Teacher is highly trained and educated
    • degree in music therapy and psychology
    • MT-BC (board certified music therapist)
    • NMT (neurologic music therapist) credentials
    • over 25 years experience as a musician
  • Flexible attendance; classes are offered "pay-as-you-go" drop in basis.
  • No session registration required and no registration fees
  • Provides a strong community network for parents, caregivers and children to flourish.

Music Classes for children of all ages:  Babies - 0 to Sitting, Movers - Crawling to First Steps, Toddlers - Walking to 36 Months, Preschoolers - 3 to 5 Years, Kinetic Kiddos - 5 to 7 Years

POLICY ON RSVP's, Drop-In's & Pre-Pay 

Clients using PRE-PAID Classes are asked to RSVP no later than 12am the night before the class you would like to attend.  Doing so can save you up to 20% on classes.

If you are unable to or do not RSVP by midnight, we offer you the flexibility of DROP-IN Classes, which are $15 per class and based on availability.

Our CANCELLATION policy asks you to please inform us if you will not be attending class by 8am at the latest on the day of class.  This policy gives classmates on the waiting list an opportunity to attend and prevents you from being automatically charged.

These policies are in place solely to ensure the highest quality experience for everyone taking part in Altitunes music classes. 

***Please note that I am VERY, VERY rarely able to check phone, text, email, Facebook or voice mail once class starts in the morning.  Thank you!  MH

"Maureen is great with the kids (she always remembers their names!), keeps things fresh with a some new songs and instruments but doesn't give up the few songs kids really love like bubbles and the parachute. My daughter (23mos) loves being able to play the instruments during the Hello and Goodbye songs. As she is getting older and more comfortable she participates more and has a blast. Neat how numbers and letters are incorporated with music and moving around. Great fun!

"     Angela Kay Stone
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