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Beboppin' Babies - Newborn to Sitting

Looking for a place to show off your beautiful new baby . . . wanting to meet other new parents . . . searching for something fun to do that will benefit both you and baby . . . or just feeling stir crazy?

Altitunes' Beboppin' Babies music class is the answer! 

Beboppin' Babies is designed around the specific needs of both new parents and their babies; focusing on parent/caregiver interaction with their baby-using eye contact, facial expressions and gentle touch.  Unlike most other music programs for all ages, Beboppin' Babies is only for newborns.  Once your baby can sit they graduate to Melodious Movers.  It is never too early to expose your baby to music.  They will benefit from the experience even if they sleep through the whole class, since music engages their brain whether awake or asleep.  This class will give you new ideas for playing with your baby at home, and will explain how music and movement can improve their overall development.  Rock, bounce, lift, tickle and cuddle with your new baby while singing familiar nursery rhymes and lullabies, and learn some new songs as well.

Throughout the class your baby's comfort is most important, so don't hesitate to change your baby's diaper when they need it or grab their pacifier or bottle from the diaper bag across the room, etc . . . , and moms are welcome anytime throughout or after class to nurse.

Beboppin' Babies is not only beneficial to baby, but is also beneficial to parents.  This class provides a welcoming, open, and nurturing environment in which new parents can meet and find support from other new parents, and has proven extremely effective in preventing or decreasing those dreaded "baby blues".  Throughout the class you will hear new parents/caregivers showing off their babies most recent developments . . . smiling, laughing, reaching, rolling over, to name a few, as well as discussing their latest struggles, everything from lack of sleep, to feeding difficulty, to dislike of the car seat, and everything in between. Class is $5 per child and no RSVP is required.

All music classes are led by a teacher who is both a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) and a Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT).

   Must RSVP for each class - Complete REGISTRATION FORM once

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